Link to Us

Interested in a reciprocal exchange?


We believe in ethical reciprocal linking. The requirements below will assure that search engines will continue to recognize both sites as legitimate.  

  • Must be Related -Your site must be related to fishing, boating, camping or travel.
  • No Link Farms -Your site must not be considered by us to be a "Link Farm" i.e. a site that is primarily composed only links to other sites and pay per click advertising.
  • Reciprocal Link Required-After we send you our site description, a reciprocal link to our site must appear on your site within 3 days or we will remove your link.  Please send us the URL where our site will be found on yours.
  • Reciprocal URL-The reciprocal link to our site must use the same primary URL as your site.  For example, if your site is "" your link page must be a subdirectory of that site in other words "". Sites using third party URLs to host their link pages will not be considered.
  • Your Home Page-also a link to your links page must appear on your home page.
When we receive the form, we will review your site to determine that our requirements are in place. If so, we will publish a link to your site and notify you using the email address you furnished on the form. We will also send you our linking information at that time.