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Who We Are

Bottom Line Tackle logo of pelican catching fish with rod and line

We are avid fresh and saltwater fishermen who became frustrated with mass produced tackle that wasn't reliable or productive. Seemed like the more we searched the shelves, the more we could find only the same stuff.  Sometimes it's in different packages, but it's the same old stuff - made with the cheapest barrel swivels that freeze up with the slightest torque or thick leader that looks like a pencil lead in that water - never mind how it works as long as it fits in the knot trying machine.

The motivation of mass production is to stay cost effective by using inexpensive material and components. Never mind that the design and components spook fish!
Our motivation became and remains to use premium components in a design to catch fish.

So, we started putting our ideas into practice and soon began to catch more fish than our buddies.
Following their encouragement, we decided to try marketing our tackle items.
"Why not?" we thought, "Maybe we might make enough to pay for a fishing trip".
Which by the way, is still the main reason we're offering our products to you.
We not trying to get rich off you. Just like you, we love to catch fish.
We are offering you the same gear we use everytime when we go out;
so you too can experience using premium tackle for a more productive and enjoyable time on the water.
We believe in doing what we can to help the local fishing community safeguard the future of our sport.

Among others, Terry Walton and Bottom Line Tackle support:

  • Kokanee Power
  • Shaver Lake Trophy Trout Program
  • Roosevelt High School Fishing Club

We do this through business memberships, together with fishing tackle and rod & reel donations. 
Please find a way to support agencies like these where you are.

fishing experience

Terry with a nice stringer of kokanee_Whiskeytown

We have caught:

Steelhead on the Klamath, Kokanee in Flaming Gorge, Cutthroat at Pyramid Lake, Rainbows in Alberta, Salmon in Oregon

Marlin, Yellowfin, Wahoo and Dorado in Hawaii and Cabo

Ling Cod, Snapper, Grouper and bottomfish up and down the Pacific Coast from Gold Beach, Oregon to Erendira, Baja 

And all the siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, of those and other species in the Freshwater lakes and rivers throughout the western U.S., in coastal inshore ocean waters from British Columbia to the tip of Baja and offshore in the bluewater of Cabo, Hawaii and Costa Rica. 

The purpose in saying this is not to make a feeble attempt at bragging but to let you know that we have spent a lot of time on the water and have learned through experience what works for us to catch fish.

That experience is what we bring to you in these pages.